Camp Information & Policies

About Us 

The Fredericksburg Field House is Central Virginia’s premier indoor artificial turf facility covering over 75,000 square feet. We offer leagues, classes, clinics, and tournaments for youth and adults in soccer, flag football, futsal, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, dodge ball, and cornhole. Home to seven fields (five indoor, two outdoor), we also host birthday parties, corporate outings, team parties, and lock-ins.  Everyone is encouraged to visit our fully stocked concession stand, serving nachos, hot dogs, pizza, Gatorade, Pepsi products, and juices. In addition, we proudly carry a wide variety of bottled and beer on tap for patrons over 21 years of age. For the best indoor sports, TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE!

Nondiscrimination Policy   

Admissions, the provisions of services, room assignments, and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex. Program services shall be made accessible to eligible persons with disabilities through the most practical and economically feasible methods available. These methods include but are not limited to equipment redesign, the provisions of aides, and the use of alternative service delivery locations.  Structural modifications shall be considered only as a last resort among available methods.

Camp and Extended Care   

Camp Day: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Extended Care mornings 7:00 - 8:00 AM

Extended Care Afternoons 5:00 - 6:00 PM



Registration can be completed online, in person or over the phone. Below is a list of weekly camp costs.  Discounts cannot be applied online.

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Each day is full of adventure, excitement and fun!  Children are grouped by age and ability.  Our excellent counselors and staff emphasize cooperation, friendship and leadership while engaging campers with a diverse curriculum of age-appropriate sports and recreational activities each day

A child is not officially registered for camp until the week(s) are paid in full and all required documents have been submitted.


No refunds will be provided for: administrative processing (late payment) fees, non-refundable deposits and/or registration fees.  Credit towards other camps or sports programs can be given for campers who give 10 day written notice of cancellation of camp upon approval of General Manager.

Late PickUp and Extended Care Charge   

If child is not picked up at the close of the program, you will be charged a late fee of $15.00 per child for each fifteen (15) minute interval, or any portion thereof.  Payment will need to be received within forty-eight (48) hours.

Year End Totals

The prior year’s tuition expenditure for your family will be available for tax purposes by January 31st upon request.

Daily Schedule   

When arriving to camp prior to 8:00 drop off all children in the appropriate assigned classroom. If it is after 8:15 the front desk will be able to assist you in finding your child’s group. Various age-appropriate games, sports, tournaments, and activities will be incorporated into the daily schedule.  Throughout the day children may spend 20-30 minutes playing in the FUN ZONE. Outdoor play is also an important part of our day, weather permitting. Snack time and craft time is included. We are a very active camp and participate in more physical activities than stationary activities. Included in our lunchtime, we will have ample time for digestion with a rest/relax period.


The Fredericksburg Field House meal plan, will conform to standards for licensed child day centers.  You are welcome to purchase the FFH lunch package, or bring daily lunch and snacks.  Snack breaks are offered in the morning and afternoon.

Label all food items and lunch boxes with your child’s name and date the lunch was made (should be the current day’s date).

Children are expected to eat from the menu unless there is a written doctor’s note or medical reason for a special diet. The Fredericksburg Field House is able to accommodate dietary restrictions. Parents must provide all special diet requirements fourteen (14) days prior to the start of camp.


Camp will be closed on:

  • July 4th

Arrival and Departure   

You are required to sign your child in and out daily on the attendance log with a camp counselor.  Parents will accompany their child with direction from a counselor up on arrival and are required to stay with them upon sign-out. Do not leave your child unattended at any time! Children should be brought to the appropriate classroom mornings before 9:20.   Do not park your vehicle in the fire zone while dropping off or picking up your children. Parents needing to drop off children after camp has started, or pick up before camp is over, must check in at the front desk and wait until a counselor is available to escort the child to or from his/her group.  Children WILL NOT be released to anyone other than those designated as an authorized person

on your Emergency Contact form.

**Photo I D , is required of everyone picking up a child.  No identification, no release!**

Both parents are permitted to pick up a child unless a court order states otherwise. A copy of this documentation must be provided to the Field House

Multiple Camp Schedules   

If your child is participating in another camp at the Fredericksburg Field House, a camp counselor or a cordinator will transfer your child to the appropriate camp.

Behavior Policy   

The Fredericksburg Field House encourages and expects appropriate behavior from the children in our care.  When the behavior exhibited is not acceptable we explain to the child what is expected of them and give them another opportunity to comply. If the unacceptable behavior persists, the children are redirected, and parents are verbally notified at the time of pick up.

The staff will update all parents, or those on the pick-up list, of the behavior of the children daily.

Staff will notify a parent of persistent behavior problems or a behavior that causes safety or health concerns and you may be expected to pick their child up from the Fredericksburg Field House immediately.  If behavior continues, Fredericksburg Field House camps have the right to suspend a child until further discussion with a Camp Director, or permanently expel them from camp.

Sick Policy   

Fever:  With a temperature of 101 degrees or above, parents will be notified to pick up their child.  Please keep your child home until he/she is free of fever and fever reducing medications for twenty-four hours.  If a child visits the doctor and the fever is attributed to a non-contagious illness, a dated note from the physician stating the child may return to care must accompany the child in order to return the next day.

Vomiting: After recurrent vomiting parents will be notified to pick up their child. Parents should keep their child home for the remainder of the day. The child may return the next day of care if vomiting has ceased. Vomiting allows viruses and bacteria to become air borne and spread rapidly.

The Fredericksburg Field House staff will notify parent/guardian whenever their child becomes ill. Parents will need to arrange to have their child picked up immediately. The staff is authorized to obtain immediate medical care if any emergency occurs when the parent cannot be immediately located.

If a child or anyone in the child’s family comes down with a communicable disease (lice, measles, chicken pox, etc.) it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the Fredericksburg Field House Camp Coordinator within 24 hours so that they can notify all other campers (all names will remain confidential).

Medication Administration Policy

Medication is administered to children as a courtesy for families at the Fredericksburg Field House. We will administer prescription medication only when the prescription is current and the parents provide an accurate dosage spoon/syringe.  A doctor’s note of permission must include the following information: date, the doctor’s full name and practice, the child’s full name, the specific dosage and frequency of dosage.  Medications not currently in use are to be taken home until needed. An exception to this is when a child has a chronic condition.  Please do not leave any medication in a child’s backpack. All medication must be provided to the camp directors and must be in the original packaging (this includes inhalers, EpiPens, etc.)

Sunscreen may be used with a dated, note of permission from parents.

Medication, which is to be signed in daily, is kept in the office along with the medication log. There are specific places where the medication is stored.  Please ask if you have any questions. Designated staff will administer medications, signing the log sheet when medication is given.


Daily Needs

Backpacks - According to regulations, medications, cosmetics or anything marked keep out of reach of children are not permitted to be stored in your child’s backpack.

Outside Play - Fresh air and sunshine are important for a child’s health and well being.  We are required to provide 30 minutes of outside play per 4 hours of camp daily. It is important that your child be dressed appropriately for outside play.  Children need to wear shoes that will permit them to run and play without injury.

Clogs, Crocs and flip-flop type shoes are not permitted.  If your child wears this type of shoe to camp, they will not be allowed to participate in the activities.


Toy and Electronics Guidelines    

Our camp program is filled with active games, hands-on activities, in-house field trips, and other counselor selected activities. The Fredericksburg Field House does not encourage outside toys and electronics.

The Fredericksburg Field House is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



In the event of inclement weather, the Field House will contact parents and your child will have to be picked up immediately. When the weather deteriorates during the workday, the Fredericksburg Field House will remain open until the last child is picked up.


Emergency Procedures

Your child’s safety is of primary concern to the Fredericksburg Field House. Fire drills are practiced on a regular basis.  In the event of an actual fire emergency, the Fredericksburg Field House pre-planned evacuation site is at the far end of the parking lot. Parents would be notified by phone to pick up children from this site.

Shelter in Place and Inclement Weather drills and procedures are also practiced with the children. During a drill or actual emergency alert, children go to assigned safe areas inside the building.

Practice includes explaining to the children what is happening and why the drill is taking place, while reassuring them that they are safe and loved.



Field Trip Requirements

Each week we will participate in Field Trips with the 6-12 year old groups. Some locations require a waiver or release form, which will be provided in advance and will be due the Monday of camp. Parents will be provided with the weekly schedule and what children should pack for each day. Some possible items may include sneakers, a hat, a towel, a change of clothes.

Camp Staff will be equipped with the appropriate materials to ensure each campers safety. Medical supplies, emergency contact information, allergen list, necessary medicines for specific children and a cell phone are all carried by the camp staff during each Field Trip. There will be a staff member who is trained in MAT, CPR and First Aid.

If your child requires a booster seat by law, parents must provide the seat.


Camp Coordinators

Parents may come to the Camp Coordinator with questions or concerns throughout the summer regarding camps. Camp Coordinators administer medication, check up on accident and incident reports, supervise and train camp counselors, maintain state licensing regulations, collect payments, ensures paperwork is complete, supervise camp groups, coordinate activities and field trips, communicate with counselors and campers throughout the day, organize lunches, hold staff meetings, ensure all campers are checked in and out according to FFH camp procedures and State regulations.